Best Nature Pictures

Best Nature Pictures

A splash of red
This picture took me a few tries to shoot, because the ladybugs kept flying away and when I found the third one I was really determined to take the picture. I like the focus and the color theme in the image and how blurry the edges turned out to be.

Hidden This picture is interesting and takes a few minutes to look at. The lizard camouflages with the grass and the leaves so it's hard to see it. I like this shot because the lizard is at main focus and everything else around has less attention to it.

Fluff This macro shot is really satisfying to me because you can see all the pappus particles of the dendelion. It was hard to manually focus the camera to take the image but then end result was worth it.

It's a Bugs Life

Inside the Web 

A sting

Green and Purple This image of the flower really stood out to me because of how detailed it is. The focus is really good  you can notice all the tiny parts and colors. 


I chose to shoot this picture because it shows how a JROTC cadet his uniform, doing an art piece. It not only shows his passion to serve the country at already a young age, but it also shows his love for art in which, he still incorporates military and patrionism. I choose to shoot the image from this angle so the painting and the uniform is clearly seen. I also wanted to keep some facial expression visible, that's why I didn't take the picture from behind the student. While editing the image, I made sure that the background is darker, and doesn't take away from the foreground. Also while taking the photo I had to position the camera a specific way, so no people in the background were seen.
To create this album cover I used three images which include the portrait of myself, the Christmas lights as the background, and the candle lights. The text is the name of the album and and I used a similar color of the letters to the flames of the candle. I used different layers to cut out the image of myself or to put the text on the image as well as I created a double exposure by bringing down the opacity. I also used a paintbrush and made it less opaque and used all around the portrait to make the transition from the background to the image smoother. I used outer glow effect on the letter which  makes them stand out a tiny bit more with the red slight color around them.
ATPI Contest Entries
From this contest I have learned to believe in my own abilities and have got better with my photography skills. I've also learned more to work under pressure and how to manage my time to get everything done. I also am much better at editing and seeing the whole picture now.

Stil Life: I like the reflection of the pepper slices.

Informal-Environmental Portrait: How the background is Bokeh
Advertising: The bright powdered colors.

Nature: How the picture naturally flows from the left to the right and you can see motion.

Time Exposure: All the colors that make it pop.

Still Life: The simplicity yet how many details it has.

Travel: The great focus of the building.

Informal-Environmental Portrait: How everything has the same color scheme and shades.

Travel: The cross in the very middle so it brings the entire picture together.

Open: The focus on the flag itself and how you can also see it in the background.

5 Best Field Trip Images

For the first 9 weeks we have studied architecture, lines and perspective. I believe that these are my best 5 images because they show great detailing, present unique lighting and color as well as they have good composition. 

I like how that I edited out the color on the building so it emphasizes on how blue the sign and the sky is.

I love the details on the Aztec sign and how the crane is parallel to the sign.
I made it seem as if it's sunset timing while it was the middle of the day.

I love the texture of the bricks and how they don't all look alike as well as the depth of the sky color.

Different lines like the sidewalk and the building to the right, all seem to lead to the middle of the picture, the red building which is the main focus of the image.